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I have to congratulate my friend Kimball Anderson (who's trying out his new pen name here) and his friend Laurel Leake, who wrote/pencilled/watercolored and inked the Space Home bits, respectively. This is the 100th strip, and instead of doing an "event" comic, or some kind of self-aware fourth wall thing, I decided I just wanted to make a really good comic. Then these two came along with this concept, and I thought, "gosh, this is a good time to kick off that guest metafiction concept that I've been kicking around."

See, I've had other illustrators do work for Tall Comics before. Jeremiah did the Gary P. Rastov covers, Matt_ did the Professor Bluebottle cover, but no guest has done this much stuff for one comic before. And I'm hoping to maybe bring in some more guests to do this much stuff again in the future!

Are you any good at any kind of art that you think might come in handy for a future Tall Comic? Maybe get in touch with me.

In other news, traffic here has been up since the site redesign, but it still hasn't recovered from my my-grandpa-died hiatus. In fact, traffic is pretty much the same as it was two years ago at this time, and it's kind of discouraging to me. Maybe a big milestone like the 100th strip is a good time for you to link Tall Comics from your website, or show it to your friends, or share it on Facebook, or Stumbleupon it, or do whatever it is that people do with Reddit, or probably use some Google+ feature that everybody's talking about. I would like to get some more readers please.

Sorry about the huge massive PNG file, by the way. I have to use PNG files for the really big ones now, because a certain percent of my readership is on iPads, which don't like large Jpegs. If this loads really, really slowly for you, let me know, and I'll put up the Jpeg, and link the PNG for the iPad users.

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