Club Toad is founded

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OK, so this is the real, actual club I was in as a kid, and you'll probably be seeing a lot of it, because I have a lot of stories from it that I think would make pretty good comics. This one here is based on a true story, but not 100% accurate. We did indeed put toads in a hole, and wait for one of them to touch a lid, but we weren't using them to make decisions. We called it "Toad Wrestling" and it was a contest to see which toad would stay off the lid longest. I dug some really deep holes, and made a big deal about the awesome new arena that I had constructed, but in the end, not a single toad ever actually lost a toad wrestling match, nor did a toad ever win one. To this day, I have no idea why we didn't just turn it into a contest to see which toad could climb out the fastest, because that was always immediately what they tried to do as soon as we put them in the holes.

Thanks for being patient with me for the last long time. As a rarely-employed freelancer, work is pretty feast-or-famine for me, and I just got like three really big feasts in a row. Talk to my friends man. I have not done anything fun in the past month (uh, except go on vacation for a couple of days). I fear that Tall Comics may always be kind of an off-and-on thing, though I don't want it to be, and will try not to let it be.

The good news is, I'm out of my creative slump, and suddenly I love all those scripts I wrote and hated this summer.

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