The Silver Gavel

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Pretty sure someone's going to come along and say, "Uh, that's not funny dude, that's actually the exact premise of X fantasy novel."

I had a more ambitious strip plotted out for this week, but man, it got TOO ambitious, and I need to wait for a collaborator to send me some photos before I can finish that one. Big fun. On the Facebook page, I asked everybody what characters they wanted to see in a new strip. These characters weren't exactly high on the list. Sorry guys. I swear, they were in the original, ambitious strip.

I wrote another sample from the Judge of All series, but it seemed like it took some steam away from that last line when I put it in the comic, so I'm just putting it down here. It's still canon, it's just not in the comic, because man, I want to hang onto my comedic timing.

Charlie felt himself begin to tremble. Surely Bindlegrin was joking. "The Judge of All?" he croaked. "Is it even possible to sue him?"

"Don't look so surprised, Charlie, everyone is accountable to the law. Do you honestly believe that it's legal to allow so much pain and suffering to go on?"

"But he created the law! Some say that he is the law!" sputtered Charlie in disbelief.

"An interesting choice of words," said Bindlegrin, coldly. "As it implies that he isn't above the law."

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