The apple falls far from the Realtree

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Truck us on!

Basically my premise here is that to my children's generation, saying you did something ironically will be sort of like saying you did something because of hair metal.

OK, so, this has been a crazy, weird year, in which I've had some really good runs, and some really bad dry spells, and I almost feel bad saying it when I'm still kind of getting back in the swing of things again, but HEY. My computer's broken, Christmas is coming up, I need to buy a huge number of wholesale shoes in order to sell them at a trendy store (which is something that I've actually been invited to do), and overall I could use some money.

So I'm having a sale again at the store. If you're so inclined, swing by and buy a pair of shoes. Include the phrase "I know about your code thing" in the order form, and I will refund you ten dollars per pair of shoes. In the next couple of days, I'm hoping to release a brand new Tall Comics-themed design, so watch out for that sucker.

In other vitally important news, Kimberly Kubus is back again! (And is still exclusively for mature, thick-skinned adults)

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