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Hello 2012! I'm feeling pretty not-busy these days, so it seems likely that I can get back in the swing of things.

For Christmas I got a Wacom tablet. Gimp didn't have very good support for it, so I had to also get Photoshop Elements. This was a tricky strip for me to color, because I had to get used to new software, and a new input medium, but I think it came out decently nice.

I'm going to continue doing the basic art in pencil, because I think I've finally gotten this comic to look the way I want it to.

I've been thinking a lot about Tall Comics lately (don't worry, it's not on the chopping block or anything), and also I admit, I've wasted some valuable comic-making time consuming entertainment over the past month or so. There are two entertainment franchises that I've found particularly relevant to the current state of Tall Comics.

The first is NBC's Community, which, if you are interested in the topic at all, you know is in a pretty shaky position right now. I read a few articles about why the show doesn't have a big viewership, and why it can never have a big viewership, and why it needs to embrace not having a big viewership, and I kind of felt like all of those articles were talking directly to me about Tall Comics. I mean, pretty much every criticism I've seen applied to Community also applies to this comic. It's full of callbacks, shout-outs, obscure references, "theme" episodes that probably appeal to like five people in the world, and I imagine that anyone who's just tuning in, even for an episode that's not dependent on continuity, probably thinks it's really weird. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this information, but I guess I am finally starting to accept that Unwinder's Tall Comics is a niche product (which is something I've always been in denial about).

The other entertainment franchise that's been on my mind is The Muppets, the new film of which I really liked. I guess I don't have so much to say about it here, but on watching Community and The Muppets I've been kind of struck by how much better both of them are with managing their ensemble casts than I am. I mean, I have a lot of really good characters, but I feel like aside from a few odd pairings, the only glue that holds the cast together is Unwinder, and I've decided for some reason that this may be a bad thing.

So I guess, what I am thinking for 2012 is that I'm going to work on using the cast more as an ensemble, and less as a variety of foils for Unwinder. Let's call this my new year's resolution.

(In past years, my resolution has always been to get Tall Comics up to a reliable weekly update schedule, but since that has never worked, I decided to come up with something else this year.)

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