Most of us take not wearing lavender pants for granted.

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I imagine that some of you have been wondering where I have been, and also, what I have been up to.

That's pretty understandable. Especially since my last news post was so fatalistic. Perhaps some of you thought "maybe he gave up."

But the truth is, I've just been working really hard on a stupid project that no one could care about! I'm sure that I've directed some of you to The Gutterscape at some point. See all that weird art in there? I'm in the process of turning pretty much all of it into a crappy, but huge Game Maker game. At first, I figured that the game would only be a little bit larger in scale than the Cain and Abel game from last year, and I figured that I could spend three weeks on it, link it here, and say "This is my 'update' for the past three weeks! Enjoy!" but as it turns out, I decided that the game should be really huge, and contain several hours worth of content instead.

I have been so obsessed with this project that I have barely communicated with anyone in this time period. I should have actually communicated. You know I'm not so good at that.

But yes


This comic!

Check it out, guys. I didn't think I'd bring Soncho Michez back (though I did plan on a series of strange Sonty Mick alter-egoes or relatives), but I was thinking about Pierre Menard, and how I really wanted to pad out the new comic to make it really tall, and there you have it.

Note how I'm following through on my new year's resolution of using the character's as more of an ensemble, and less as a series of individual foils for Unwinder.

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