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Former title: "Next week Unwinder rolls up Tobelhas the Camel Breeder, and spends the whole session trying to get his two longest-necked camels to mate."

That one just wouldn't edit down, I'm afraid. Didn't want to lose it though.

The internet probably has more comics about D&D than it really, strictly needs. I'm pretty confident that this is a fact.

But I really wanted to do one.

So I made a strip that was mostly about the characters, and more-or-less avoided making the usual jokes about how crazy role-playing-games are (you'll notice that nobody hilariously failed to notice something obvious because they failed a spot check).

Partial writing credit goes to Ben Heaton of Request Comics.

My game project is coming along well, but lately my attention has been directed toward doing actual work for actual money, which is awesome. HOWEVER, it's still going to be a while until I get paid, and it has become very urgent that I pay the hosting bill (which I can't at this exact moment, because I kind of spent the money on paying an unrelated bill).

Anyway, if you're feeling a significant amount of goodwill toward lazily-updating free entertainment today, here's an opportunity for you: If I can get the remaining $40 I need in donations, I will drop absolutely everything (except for jury duty, which I have on Friday) to ensure that next week sees the posting of a substantially long comic about Dr. Minivan getting a new roommate.

(Donations can be made at the about page.)

Update: The hosting bill is actually now more than paid, so I will solemnly swear to provide two on-time updates rather than one. Did you donate? Then feel free to request characters or metafiction that you'd like to see!

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