The differentiation of individual buttocks.

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For a while now, I've been planning on bringing in an obese, older woman character who spends all her time watching trashy TV, and doesn't Mind Unwinder coming around and disagreeing with her about it.

I've also wanted to bring in a roommate for Dr. Minivan, to illustrate his declining financial situation, and because that's a great idea (Lion-Man was considered several times, but ultimately deemed "too predictable").

Anyway, I decided that they might as well be the same character. And then also I might as well get some empty points for token diversity by making her black.

The name I got from an androgynous name generator. I really liked it. A lot. So I used it.

I've been thinking about the cast ensemble for a while. The stuff with the kids has been really easy to work with, because they're kids, and neighborhood kids just hang out together out of convenience. Plus they've got Club Toad now, so it's really easy to just throw them all together and have them interact. With the adult characters it's a lot more difficult, and at present, I can't figure out ways to work them together without Unwinder dragging them into stuff (like the one where they're trying to man Dr. Minivan up). They really don't have much in common, and really, none of my adult characters seem all that sociable. I feel like if I want to get that "ensemble" feel that I've resolved to get this year, then I'm going to have to introduce some new context for them to interact in.


OK, so last week I needed money for the hosting bill, and I requested some donations to pay it. I got the money overnight (plus extra), and this motivated me to get serious about posting an update this week, on time (and next week too).

Here's what I realized: Getting tips makes me want to update this comic. Use that information as you will.

OK, seriously though. I'm not just being greedy here, like "If you want me to update, you should donate money!" I would love to update this comic on time every week, but I tend to come up with ideas for other projects I want to work on, and I end up prioritizing them over Tall Comics, because hey, does it really matter if I skip a week? Is anyone really counting on me or anything? It's just one of my many projects, right?

But if you leave a tip, any tip, I feel strongly obligated to drop everything else and make sure you didn't waste your money.

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