Political corruption can be adorable.

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OK, here's the new comic! Why does everything seem so small today? Are the comics usually this narrow? Yeah, I guess they are. Weird. For some reason, everything suddenly seems narrow to me.

OK, as promised, here's an on-time update for this week! I'm not going to lie. I was feeling pretty lazy this week, and I kind of felt like putting this off. BUT YOUR TIPS MOTIVATED ME TO GET IT DONE. Seriously, thanks to those of you who left small tips (also those of you who left large tips two weeks ago, who I promised to get this one on time for). It's a good thing to do. Though I would kind of suggest that you not send any more tips that are under thirty cents, because if it's thirty cents or lower, paypal takes it all, so really it doesn't do me any good. I've moved the tip jar to the front page here, to make it really easy for you guys to feed my greed. Definitely go ahead and keep leaving tips.

This strip is a bit shorter than a lot of the recent ones. Officially, you've just been spoiled lately, and this is a perfectly respectable, normal size for a comic. Unofficially, though, it's shorter because I'm "going on tour" with guest comics. If you want to see some more material from me, then look no further than Changeling, a comic that I just did a guest comic for (It's slightly more adult than the stuff you see here, so be warned.)(If you're following Tall Comics on Facebook, then yeah, you already saw this). Also, hey, do you want a guest comic? I will do one for you. I am doing them all over the place. It doesn't even matter if your comic is really terrible. I will still do it.

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