Minnesota Siding is Occupied

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Credit to Josiah Parker and Micah Orsatti for the "Moths and Lamp" and "Mushrooms On Drugs" paintings, respectively. I made up those titles. I don't know what those guys would have wanted me to title those paintings.

I bought the canvases to make these paintings with my tips from this week! Your contributions in action! Then we spent a whole evening painting, and it was pretty fun.

What more do I have to say? Surprisingly little. I've done a few more guest comics since last week, but none of them are up yet, so I can't link you to them.

Wait, here's something I can link you to: About a zillion years ago, a guy I've collaborated with in the past made a pretty prominent reference to Tall Comics (in fact, referencing Tall Comics is essentially the punchline). I only just found it this week when it showed up on my analytics. Ha. Here it is.

Oh hey, have I told you guys to like the Facebook page lately? We're almost at 300 likers! Which matters to you all for some reason!

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