Unwinder’s Terror and Recreation

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OK, so the story behind this comic is that I couldn't come up with any good comedy that didn't resemble Parks and Recreation, so I enlisted Ben Heaton and Lewis Powell to help me with it. You may remember them from Terror Island. I asked them to write a scene for me that was "exactly like Terror Island" and this was the result. Ben Heaton also does Request Comics. But you know that, because I link him every five seconds.

In my opinion, the kind of dry humor that Terror Island relied on benefits greatly from faceless characters, which is why everyone in the Parks and Recreation department is a faceless monstrosity. I think the one in the 8th panel there is Brian Rawturkey's wife Stephanie. Or maybe his sister, since it would be weird for him to find another nose-person like that to marry. Unless all the weird looking characters are actually separate species, and it's actually necessary for them to seek out similar-looking mates. That might be the case. I usually think of them all as human, though.

Since I received a tip, and this one was late anyway, I will be definitely making sure that the next comic actually comes out sometime this weekend. I was late because I had some really vital work to do, but I will not let your tip money go to waste! That will not happen!

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