Dr. Minivan becomes a base, predatory animal.

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Unwinder and Golden Elvis are watching Top Secret Recipe with Todd Wilbur. A series that boasts a two-star rating on IMDB. I have seen the episode in question, and I can confirm that they tried to wring drama out of a pressure fryer not being delivered on time.

Somebody tipped me a whole bunch of money today. Like, a really notable amount of money, so I've planned something really special for this weekend. Something I've been promising for a long time. It's going to be really good.

A new guest comic went up yesterday. This one was for Adrastus by Liz Staley. It's comic about a girl who finds out that her family secretly has a giant robot. Check it out here! There will be at least one more guest comic going up this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Facebook group currently has 299 members. Will you be the 300th? The next person to join does [not] get a reward!

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