Unwinder is pushing the green angle pretty hard

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Alternate alt-text: "Panels 18-27: Unwinder goes over by Horse-Man's land line, and talks like he's composing a telegram whenever he says anything."

Alternate alternate alt-text: "Whoever buys alittlebirdtoldme.biz is going to be getting like three hits worth of free traffic."

OK, so I'm sure you remember me promising an on-time comic er... last week. Because somebody gave me a bunch of money.

I did not technically do that (note that I still won't skip this week's actual update), but I did do a whole bunch of stuff that's basically the same as making a comic. Because it is making a comic. Several comics.

Since the last update:

Your Guess is as Good as Mine (Felicity's comic) has a new home. Not only does it have a new home, but I've finally posted my entire backlog of Your Guess is as Good as Mine strips, and I've gone through the entire archive and composed a whole bunch of comments by various Tall Comics characters (canonically, this all takes place not long after Unwinder and Barbecue Sauce meet Felicity). Also, if anyone wants to leave some comments on there themselves, there's nothing to stop you from doing so. The fictional characters in there might even acknowledge you!

And over here, Powerup Comics has updated, now with art by Amy Sauce! I'm hoping to put up another update or two in the next couple of days as well. When I got that big donation the other week, I decided that bringing Powerup Comics up to date was the best way to reward that kind of behavior. Then I was going to post it at the same time as this new comic, and the Your Guess is as Good as Mine thing, and say something like, "Hey, this is what happens when you make big donations!" But seeing as this comic is pretty late, I feel like that's lost a lot of its impact.

Of course, that's a lot easier to swallow when the fun DOESN'T END THERE. There's a new guest comic by me up at Cereals for Lunch! Well, I mean, really it went up last Friday, and if you're following me on Facebook then you've known about it for a long time. But that is another thing for this week. I won't lie. It's a pretty good guest comic.

Wait wait...



Oh yeah, I also put up ANOTHER guest comic over at The Obscure Gentlemen. And that one's also pretty good!

Special thanks to James from The Obscure Gentlemen, and Joao from Cereals for Lunch for promoting the crap out of these guest comics. I saw those guys on Twitter, and they seriously must have posted links to these guest comics a cumulative fifteen times, and then when I posted about them, they retweeted my tweets as well. I don't really "get" Twitter. I was going to say some more stuff about me not getting Twitter, but I feel like that sentence sums it up pretty well.

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