Mildred doesn’t get gambling

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OK, so this one was kind of made with not doing a whole lot of art in mind, since I didn't have a huge amount of time. Hopefully the huge amount of text will placate you!

Remember my old comic, Too Far? The sci-fi comedy thing? Or maybe you don't remember it, because the archive hasn't really been available online since maybe a month or two after Unwinder's Tall Comics started?

I've finally re-uploaded it, and you can view it again (or for the first time) here. It's kind of fun, especially near the end when it kind of turns into proto-Tall-Comics, and the art style constantly changes for no reason. I would never claim that it is as good as Tall Comics, but maybe if you're like "a fan" or whatever, you'll want to check it out.

You can also check out the crappier college spinoff/prequel here.

Another thing I've recently done is that I've tried my hand at making comedic Youtube videos. You can check them out here! Those Doctor Who ones are, uh, more for my amusement than anyone elses, but the other ones are all like, your basic funny stuff.

Also, Powerup Comics has updated again since last time.

I've been beating myself up for like a month now about an update that I missed and can't seem to catch up on. If it's all the same to you guys, I'm just going to count the Powerup Comics, the three comic archives I've uploaded, the videos, and the numerous guest comics as that update. I really doubt if anyone is going to have a problem with this.

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