One of these characters is a brony

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When I set out conceptualizing this comic, basically all I knew was that I wanted to do one about bronies, because I figured that bronies would get a lot of clicks on Reddit or whatever. Then I ended up turning it into a deconstruction of my characters. That's how Tall Comics works. I noticed that a lot of the time, when I use Barbecue Sauce, I have him like something that Unwinder doesn't respect. I thought, "Hmm, there is a danger that over time, these characters are going to be 'flanderized' in such a way that Barbecue Sauce is the geeky one, and Unwinder is the judgmental one." So anyway, I wanted the finished comic to illustrate that Unwinder and Barbecue Sauce are both very geeky, but they express it in very different ways (with Barbecue Sauce being devoted, and a bit sentimental, and Unwinder being shallow and overzealous).

There is a lot of stuff going on in my life.

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