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The "make a donation, and there will be a comic every week" guarantee is back on. I got a donation, and so I made this.

I encourage all of you Americans out there, whether you agree with my politics or not, whether you're informed or uninformed, whether you're sane, or completely deranged. Whether you have a strong opinion, or whether you're just voting for the candidate your parents would want you to vote for. Whether you hate the main candidates, whether you hate the third-party candidates, whether you're a crazy racist, whether you hate women, whether you believe that gay marriage is the most important issue in history, or you believe that it's completely irrelevant. Whether you're a religious zealot, or a very angry atheist. Whether you're a democrat, a republican, a libertarian, a fascist, a communist, an anarchist, whatever the green party is, a feudalist, an aspiring barbarian warlord, or if you just have a crush on one of the candidates, your opinion matters, and your vote counts. Get out there tomorrow, and make sure that the government knows about all your crazy ideas. Representative democracy was never intended to put the most qualified candidate in office. Just the most popular one. Now go and participate.

Other news: A reader who you may remember from a guest comic a while back was inspired by last week's comic to create a new saved-fic every day for the month of November! Take a look!

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