Mr. Rawturkey believes that his allergy makes him strong.

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OK, so tomorrow is my day off, and then after that I'm working for seven days straight! I hope to get a comic done for the weekend, but I'm not really sure if I will do a very good job of working around work. We shall see!

I was doing such a good job of producing comics that were newcomer-friendly, and then I had to go and do this. I apologize to any newcomers who showed up and saw this.

You may be wondering. "You've got a job, and a car, and an apartment and stuff. What is your tip money going toward? Something useless probably?"

The answer is that my apartment is currently completely bare, and I am hoping to furnish it with some extremely inexpensive used furniture from the internet, but with the various expenses associated with moving in, and then the financial expectations of the Christmas season, I can basically just afford to eat food and pay rent for the next couple of months. If you leave a tip, you're contributing to me having things like chairs to sit on, a bed to sleep on, and various kitchen stuff for food preparation.

I haven't stayed up this late in ages, and the result is that I can't say anything that isn't very dull. Thank you for reading my blurb.

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