The gang is in a gun groove

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Unwinder: "If they want to take my guns, they'll have to pay me enough money to move to Somalia. Which is a country I'd be completely comfortable living in, so long as I could have guns there."

Barbecue Sauce pretty clearly used up all of his good ones before we got to this point in the conversation. He's really banking hard on that "trade me more guns" one. You can catch more of this conversation on Twitter or Facebook The links are on the right somewhere.

Unwinder hesitates there in panel 7, because Painburger is the only person he can think of who has guns.

My approach to writing this one was that I tried to think of something that everyone has been talking about lately, because I figured that doing something topical might bring in some readers. I screwed up my chances of attracting a larger audience, as usual, by making something that doesn't really express a point of view, or make sense. I'm cool with this.

I'm sure you're all asking yourselves. "Wilson Parker, what's the best piece of Unwinder's Tall Comics fan work so far this year?"

Well, I'll tell you the answer.

It's this. This is it. This is incredible.

It's quality enough that I totally would have posted it as an actual update. Like, as a guest comic. But I've linked it here, and on Facebook, and I'd look pretty stupid now if I tried to make you all read it again. Definitely read it though.

Sorry to the donor who donated money like two and a half weeks ago! I started on this right away, but gosh, it's so hard to do comics when you're out of practice! I'll try and get another one up within a week, because I want you to get your money's worth!

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