Horse-Man has a successful podiatrist whose marriage is good

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Here is a link to the first chapter of The Cup of Tea at the Solar System

I don't know if I really won anybody over with the first chapter of The Cup of Tea at the Solar System. Making a straight parody of something that is already comedic doesn't really work, but I try not to do straight parodies of things. I hoped that filtering it through Sonty Mick's lazy, meandering writing style would produce something worthwhile, and I think that this second chapter does a better job.

The joke from the actual comic segment was originally scripted for Dr. Minivan and Unwinder (Dr. Minivan accidentally[?] quotes Forrest Gump, and Unwinder is weirded out because it seems to have been accidental). I feel like it might have worked better for those characters, or at least as an unexpected tangent in an unrelated conversation. Turning it into a foreshadowed "man hands" moment may have resulted in too much buildup. I don't know.

I was going to complain about how lazy I got with the art in this one too, but gosh, this blurb is getting really negative!

Thank you various donors! I was going to finish this on Sunday night, but then I dislocated both of my knees and hurt my elbow, and so I called it a night early.

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