Barbecue Sauce and Unwinder Discuss Party Guests

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Hey guys, here's the new comic!

I've always just sort of had it in my head that Barbecue Sauce's birthday and the strip's anniversary are on the same day. I don't know why him, but I've been wanting to do a strip with this premise for two or three years now, but I always forget to do it for Barbecue Sauce's birthday, and for some reason, I felt like I couldn't just declare his birthday at some other time of year.

I was an idiot today, and I forgot to move my car when they were plowing the snow out of my parking lot, and I got towed, expensively. I forgot that they were going to plow, because the snow they were plowing was from like two days ago, and pretty much all of it was already gone.

Anyway, I had to pay a bunch of money to get my car back, and the hosting bill is due this month, so I'd totally welcome some sweet donation money. I feel like I just already tried to drum up donations, but that was more of a personal thing relating to my birthday, so I feel like I'm not making too huge of a faux-pas here. If you're one of my real-life friends and you sent me money for my birthday, then don't feel obligated to send money now, I guess.

I've also got kind of a guest comic that I might as well post, which is pretty good, though it could be taller. Maybe I'll use that as some kind of donation incentive or something. Probably not though. I'll probably just post it in a couple of days or whatever.

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