SHATTER your personal boundaries!

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As you know, if you read these little blurbs, I'm currently working at a convenience store. If you don't read these little blurbs, then what are you doing here???

My most hated task at my job is cashing in great big stacks of scratch games. It takes forever, because people always buy them in huge quantities, and it takes time away from actual customers who want to do something other than exchange money for less money. Also the designs are painfully obnoxious.

I wanted to get this one done quite a while ago, because of some donations that I got, but I had to do it right, so it took longer than I wanted. I am sorry about this! Rest assured, though, your donations were still very motivating!

I've just had sort of a burst of creative energy, and I've got a whole bunch more good ideas for strips that you are going to like. Stay tuned for some more good stuff!

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