Trouble at the Beet Festival

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At panel six, I imagine most of you thought that this was going to be a boring observation about how kids these days aren't growing up around station wagons.

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A lot has happened since my last update, which was an embarrassingly long time ago. I got a promotion at work, and now instead of working at a convenience store, I RUN a convenience store! Not the most glamorous, but it's not bad for having been there less than a year. Adjusting has been a lot of stress. I'm sure it'll get easier, and I'll get better at working around it and getting some more comics done.

I've been actively working on this one for quite some time. Litchfield readers will probably notice that I started it around Watercade. The Beet Festival isn't really a thing these kids sought out, see. I hate to disappoint you, and reveal that they're not that into beets, but this Beet Festival thing is actually like, their town's big summer celebration. Once a year, everyone celebrates beets. Maybe I'll elaborate next year.

Here is a video about how Unwinder's Tall Comics are made. It's very enlightening. (I did not make it)

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