The e-cig

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I want to see a cyberpunk/noir anime where everyone smokes different colored e-cigs, and the e-cigs are so bright that they create lens flares. Is that too much to ask?

I generally have a lot to say about my comics while I'm making them, and then after they're finished, I forget everything I was going to say because I'm so tired. This is something that happens to me. I'd say that my job hunt is going "pretty well," to the extent that I can say that without having found a job. I had a promising interview today, and I've got another one tomorrow. Thanks to those of you who left tips last week! It's helped take some stress off me!

I'm trying to work on my shoe selection in the store. The most popular designs are the insanely targeted ones that are for archaeology nerds and band geeks and stuff like that. I've got this idea that most of these people who are buying paleontology stuff probably came looking specifically for paleontology stuff, and wouldn't have settled for another design if I didn't have any paleontology stuff. So I'm kind of trying to think of a whole bunch more ultra-specific niches like that. Theoretically, my sales could be limited only by the number different kinds of nerds that I can target.

If you have a really nerdy hobby or field of study, you should contact me and suggest an idea for a shoe design.

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