Unwinder doesn’t

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In the Unwinderverse, caustic webcomic review bloggers enjoy the same level of brand recognition as Stewie Griffin does in our world.

As is generally the case, it's been way too long since I last updated, and I am sorry about that. Also as usual, a lot of things in my life have changed recently, and I'm totally optimistic that they'll make it easier for me to get comics out regularly.

The second half of this one is from a script that I wrote in like 2011, and have been meaning to do in late August/early September every year since then, but every year I forget to do it. But now, here it is! Now you can see it!

The first half I wrote several weeks ago, and did not even consider that I might finish this comic on the actual 9/11 (but due to technical problems I couldn't upload it properly to the archive until today!)

As usual, I've got lots of big plans and lots of ideas! I feel like it's time for a serious Powerup Comics revival, what with the current climate of gaming culture. Shadow and Chug are at a really different place in life now, and I'm excited to play it out.

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