Neck Operation

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Hey guys, so I'm on vacation right now! I made this comic relatively quickly, and I had to make it without the use of a scanner, so I drew everything on my Wacom tablet. I've never tried to do it quite like this before, and I think it looks a little bit worse than my usual comics, but not really outrageously so. I feel like this could pass for my regular art, but only as a sort of poor example of it. I might do this again in the future if I don't have access to my scanner.

This comic feels reminiscent of my least favorite comic in the archive, which is kind of a weird. Maybe that means I'll hate this one in a few years. I don't know.

Also, hey, I was sick of the Dr. Minivan hair storyline. I've written five or six different scripts where he gets his hair back, but I hated them all, so here's a nice dumb cop-out.

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