Jack Yak

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This year is the Year of Content.

I feel like Jack Yak shares some conceptual DNA with Spondulio Wealthmonger and that one where Howard vapes, but I kind of like the level of familiarity in this concept, I don't know.

The website is currently under construction! The no longer supported ComicCMS finally stopped working, so I've switched to Grawlix. My hope is that within a few weeks I'll have it looking virtually indistinguishable from how it looked before.

I looked through a whole bunch of comics to remember which side Horse-Man's garage is on, and I honestly thought that it was undefined, but while I was re-uploading the archive, I ran into a comic that placed the garage on the opposite side. I also made a similar mistake in the last comic where I ignored the established layout of Dr. Minivan's bathroom. I have no doubt that I will be mocked and beaten in the streets for these errors, and I as soon as this comic is uploaded, I will be boarding up my windows.

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