Unwinder was not impressed by a church

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OK, so the Walshes were mostly introduced so that I could parody a couple of comics, and have them be the authors of the comics. Felicity's comic is a parody of a comic distributed on Facebook by a classmate of an internet friend of mine. I told the author of the comic that I did not like her comic, and that I could produce 50 installments of a similar comic in one night. I rose to the challenge, but being the dork that I am, I still haven't uploaded them all to the Your Guess is as Good as Mine site. My (sort of, it's complicated) brother left some rude comments on her comic also, and she was actually interested in hearing him out. Later, they fell in love, so basically six months after bringing in Felicity as a parody of the person I imagined would write that comic that I hated, my brother says, "hey, I'm dating the chick who wrote that comic." It was a difficult situation. Later, they broke up. It was a long-distance relationship.

Prudence's comic is a parody of that of my college roommate Dan Nuckols, whose faith-based comics have occasionally struck me as unnecessarily inflammatory. Right off the bat, though, the real purpose of her comic is to imply that anyone who she's annoyed with at the moment is going to go to hell.

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