Guest Comic from Healy and The Brood

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This is a guest comic from some internet friends of mine who do not, to my knowledge, do any comics on a regular basis, but who wanted to take a stab at some Tall Comics. They've credited themselves as Healy and The Brood, so I guess that's how I'll credit them here! Lots of good Easter eggs here! I definitely see Spondulio on the front of that newspaper, and I definitely see Sonty Mick's review of the (delayed behind the scenes) Dawn's Glory movie. and I may be just going completely insane here, but it almost looks like the back of the paper says something about a hacker.

Another thing I love: Unwinder just sitting around on a lawn chair by a fence. Is this his yard? As usual, It's never really clear.

Also I like that fence.

Anyway, I feel like this guest comic captures the spirit of Unwinder's Tall Comics pretty well!

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