Guest Strip from Øyvind Thorsby

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I got this guest comic almost a year ago from Øyvind Thorsby, and was completely intimidated by it, because I had to put it together, and I did not know any HTML at all. You would think that I'd have figured it out faster, but as it turns out, I am a slacker of some kind. Anyway, now my HTML is literally good enough to put up pictures and make it so that if you click them, you go to other pages, so I would definitely consider myself "intermediate" at this point.

Øyvind Thorsby is the extremely talented writer behind Hitmen for Destiny, Lies, Sisters and Wives, and the hilarious new series, The Accidental Space Spy. He has also done a few interactive fiction projects, and probably some other stuff, and the definitive guide is right here. Note that Thorsby's work is not suitable for children, or readers who are particularly sensitive to strong language or violence.

Anyway, I apologize to Mr. Thorsby for not having posted this sooner. The guy deserves better.

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