I like to think that Alix marries Teabag

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My young sister says: "Their names should be Spiky and Dotty, because he has spiky hair, and he has dots on his face." I wrote this one last year a bit before Thanksgiving, and I was really sad to cut one of my favorite lines, where James says "what are your plans for Thanksgiving?" and Chad says "It's not Thanksgiving if dad's not there." Really, any time Dadow is even passingly acknowledged, it's awesome.

I don't want all the Powerup Comics out there to think that this is absolute Powerup Comics canon. I mean, I consider it canon personally, and it's definitely Tall Comics canon that these are the real people behind Powerup Comics, but at the same time, I don't want to invalidate any fan theories about Powerup. For instance, Dorkwinkle actually being gay, or Dorkwinkle being the true author of the strip after having been driven insane by the real-life Shadow and Chug. I like those theories, and they're fun.

Chad really seems messed up in this one, as we learn that Dorkwinkle, Alix, and Panda are all based on real people, and he's portrayed himself having sex with all of them.

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