Unwinder worries that Laotians won’t get his jokes.

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Man, Unwinder's really making things harder than they need to be, all not taking the "you might be a sledneck" route. But I guess he has always kind of favored light bulb changing jokes.

Oh, hey, good news! Achewood is back. It's been back for quite a while, but I haven't mentioned it here, and it's important!

Also? Miles Grover is back with a new project! This project, thus far, is more-or-less just a continuation of Thinkin' Lincoln, but Miles says he's just going to be doing whatever he feels like, and posting it on there.

It took me a while to get this one written, and I'm not really convinced it was a great concept. There's kind of a meta thing going on where I think that a lot of non-Minnesotan readers are going to be kind of baffled by what they're seeing here. Let me explain: Unwinder and Mildred are on a frozen lake. Those little shacks are icehouses. People set those up in winter for ice fishing. As far as I know, kids do not actually attempt to sell stuff door-to-door to ice fishermen, but it seems like a pretty good idea to me.

As kind of an apology for the content of this comic, I decided to make the art a bit prettier than usual. Hope you like the stuff that's going on there!

Also: I've decided to just credit myself by my actual name from now on. That whole Wilson Parker thing was needlessly confusing, and I don't think it sounds as cool as I did when I started doing that.

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