The Death of Kane

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Officially I hate all my old "rants," but I guess somebody got something out of this one from the old archive which, in my opinion, is a bit self-congratulatory. I've restored it so that incoming TV Tropers will know what TV Tropes was talking about. SO

A quick search of Youtube reveals that I (and frequent co-author Jeremiah) am not the first one to think of how funny it would be if there was a Citizen Kane sequel that completely missed the point.


I have not seen it done to an extent that really makes any reference to Citizen Kane beyond the word "Rosebud" and the fact that Rosebud is Kane's S____.

Seriously, barely even any recontextualized quotes.

You can watch/read most hypothetical missing-the-point Kane sequels without even seeing Citizen Kane, and you will get all the jokes simply through cultural osmosis.

This is a Citizen Kane fan's Citizen Kane sequel that misses the point. I'm pretty confident that most people, next time they watch Citizen Kane, will be all like, "Oh, that's what Tall Comics was talking about" at some point.

It has been a goal in my life to know things about Citizen Kane that other people do not.

Anyhow, one of the funny results of this is that Nathan Blaine has clearly, CLEARLY seen Citizen Kane, and he is clearly trying to get everything right, and throw in a lot of references to Kane 1, but he's still completely missing the point.

He's a pretty crazy director.

I realized after I got started on this one that this comic doesn't actually work on all levels if you've just SEEN Citizen Kane. You have to actually READ THE SCREENPLAY in order to understand everything.

See, in the screenplay, Thompson's face is kept from the audience until the end. He's supposed to be kept in shadow, or facing away from the camera all the time until then. In the actual movie, this wasn't worth the effort, and when Thompson is supposed to be shrouded in shadow, he's still reasonably lit, and when he's supposed to be facing away from the camera, you can still sometimes see the entire side of his head, so really, you know what he looks like even if there hasn't been a full-on shot of him.

Here, I am relying on Kane having never even really gotten a good look at Thompson's face, so obviously Kane doesn't even consider that he might be a mutant from an experiment with a girly codename.

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