Wait, wait, go back to the Professor Bluebottle thing, that look

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Credit to MattBohr for the Professor Bluebottle illustration! Matt, it strikes me that I never asked you how you wanted to be credited, or if you wanted me to link to anything. If it's anything like that guest comic that you sent in a few years ago, you're pretty chill about that stuff though.

If anybody wants to help out with a bit of artwork, as seen in that Professor Bluebottle thing,

Today's strip has a pretty weird production history that all of you will definitely be fascinated with.

It's another old script that I salvaged. I think it's from about a year and a half ago. When I wrote it, I was mostly thinking, "I want to make something really old-school. Just one of those old comics where Unwinder talks somebody's ear off, and then makes them read something. Furthermore, I want it to be like the old 'Important News' and 'Nutflix' comics, where the thing Unwinder is showing off is less a parody of something, and more just something bizarre that makes no sense."

Then I decided that I hated it, and pitched it in a folder where I store all my bad ideas.

Then I dug it up recently, along with last week's strip (which only ever got discarded because Thanksgiving came and went), and I was like, "Huh, you know, the metacomic isn't that compelling, but Unwinder is really snappy in this one. He's kind of been losing his edge lately. I should use this."

Then I changed the metacomic as much as I could without messing up the rest of the script too much (that barracuda was originally a bonobo).

Then I changed Rush Limbaugh to Tim Pawlenty, because I couldn't find a good photo of Rush that I was comfortable using (anything from Wikipedia is fair game, right?).

So it was really supposed to be vintage Unwinder when I wrote it. Then it sat around for a long time, and now it's even more vintage.

This weekend, if I can find the time, the next comic will be very tall and very dense.

Then the week after, I have something special planned for the big 100th episode!

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