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OK, so this is where Deep Space U. Ended. Unlike the original Too Far, I will definitely not be revisiting it. These strips were always kind of rushed to meet school newspaper deadlines, and I was never really satisfied with them. Now, I am less satisfied with them.

Had I ended this strip the way I wanted to (obviously, I didn't want it that bad, because I didn't do it), it would have gone something like this:

-Zooker graduates pretty uneventfully.

-Zooker finally scores a date with Tawn somehow.

-He takes her to a completely uninhabited planet, because he's romantic like that.

-Things seem to be going good, but then she gets suddenly abducted by an unknown species.

-Zooker vows to locate her. He enlists on the Pioneer, because he's hoping that exploring uncharted space is his best shot at locating her. This is his backstory.

I hate all of this now, so if I ever do revisit Too Far, none of this stuff is canon.

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