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i dont understand, whenever an op champ gets nerfed the fanboys keep complaining cause it's their character. people who actually have some sense will agree with the nerf even if they are main lee sin. you guys gotta admit his burst dmg was just too much download free cricket ringtones

 Name 50 rappers- 25... 10.. Yeah right...

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Im a hiphop artist from Florida .People write this stuff all the time but im Guaranteeing you I'll be the one you'll be happy you listened to.

free download nokia ringtones your retarded if your getting killed by tryndamere all you have to do is buy a frozen heart but i guess thats too much of a concept for you yes?

So what? That doesn't make it good... rofl

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i feel sorry for you. download free cricket ringtones COMMENT} I would wear her flair pants, skinny jeans don't fit me :P

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you got that right

If you guys want a free itunes 10 dollar gift card download the app called apptrailers and enter bonus code "sk83r4lif3" You want someone that raps about bitches money and fame go listen to Wiz Khalifa dude, that rapper is STRAIGHT UP materialistic. Lil Wayne is nothing near that, he just raps what's on his mind but he doesn't brag about shit.

We want lee sin players to build damage to get damage. Wait isn't that why you took some of the AS because they're only building AD. jesus.

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download free cricket ringtones Ok So probably no one will see this but if u do will you please check out my youtube video? I know you get alot of those requests but, I have a dream and I'm following it and not giving up and will keep trying and trying! I barely have any views and I like making videos but for me whats the point if there's no viewer you know? I at least want a good group of followers to make my dream come semi true! Thanks! :) download free cricket ringtones LIL WAYNE DOES NOT SUCK ITS THE FACT THAT EVERYBODY HAS GOTTEN USED TO PARTY AND TECHNO SHIT THAT THEY THINK SOMEONE SUCKS WHEN THEY HAVE A MESSAGE WOW TELLS YOU WHO'S FAKE GO LIL WAYNE A LEGEND STILL STANDS AND IS STILL HERE AND IS THE LAST LEGEND STANDING RIGHT NOW

Wow, I would totally buy this whole season. It pretty much replaces the original for me.

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lol cant wait for the buu saga

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