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i said most of his shit. you got ONE song that has some logic in it. good jub download free cricket ringtones

I'm versatile and have many different sounding songs. If ONE PERSON could just give this a thumbs up, you'll be one step to helping a young talented kid's dream come true.

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"I'm a deck you in the schnoz!" Oh god, I almost died. ringtone sites

In my opinion nothing needs nerfing and don't try to fix what isn't broken (too much) or you'll make it worse.

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y would they hate their own mascot?

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they should bring vegeta back as a ghost telling frieza "You see frieza kakarot isn't the average saiyan warrior anymore, he has risen to a level beyond it kakarot has become a super saiyan." download free cricket ringtones COMMENT} This world is going to pass away. We're going to pass away. We're going to leave this world behind, but one thing we grabbed while we were on this world was eternal life, and we're not going to lose that.

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wait, jax stun gets longer and almost instant while additionally cecreasing damage suffered from AoE? That's just completely crazy!

Except for anyone who played the game at some kind of a higher level. That critical mastery was stupid and top lane often came down to who can get the 1/25 chance first and push the other out of lane. RNG is bad and skill equalizing. Lee Sin players are so mad

This is gonna be a great song.

OMFG!! Fucking Hilarious!!!!! ringtones for samsung phones

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aha err day after your birthday :)

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i like how everyone cries about riot not nerfing a champion that they perceive as OP, just because they got owned by that champion...

Ooooh fan fiction writers, i'm sorry but I could not give less of a shit about Megaman fiction writers

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