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Personally the only tweaks I think the game needs are to Fiddlestick's ult: they need to increase the channel time or decrease the damage or both. and to Ahri: Having Ahri on your team seems almost like instant win as she has CC, huge AOE damage, a triple kassadin flash, and the almighty tank-smiting true damage I hate so much. download free cricket ringtones

coming 3 weeks?????

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its the original megaman from the cover of megaman 1.

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So excited for her new collection! So many gorgeous colors! (;

download free cricket ringtones good patch. Why do i see ppl yelling nerf trynd? They already nerfed him last patch right ?.. lol

Sheeyat Ive been waiting forever! download free cricket ringtones COMMENT} (Graves preview) Phreak: Guys I feel my main corki is having a really hard time to matching up to other ad carrys, can you buff him?

download free cricket ringtones u think kids should quit playing LoL?

Nigger Wayne is garbage.

1.Download "app trailers" on the app store WOO HOO FI FINALLY ITS HERE <33 YOU GUYS ROCK

it seems that all these years have not done well for megaman he was super fat in this game

OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT!!! Seriously just how can we all be so blind? Most of us hate that Nerf on Lee Sin, right? Well then let me remind you to this one: Xin Zhao got nerfed several times and suddenly got buffed again. So whatever happens to any character: He can be buffed or nerfed ANY FREAKIN TIME! ringtones for samsung phones

download free cricket ringtones you have a perfect Body Girl...!!!!!!!!!! download free cricket ringtones bs patch.

If they made this game for 3DS and Wii u, the exclusive characters would be Captain Falcon, Kirby And Bowser. They'd be alot better than those fucking cats. :l

download free cricket ringtones The fuck kinda comment is that? lmfaoooo

i aint even gonna take the time to reply to you seriously. you dont know shit about lil wayne. you dont know shit about hiphop period. download free cricket ringtones

Cole from Infamous!

i wonder how many people don't get that Megaman and Pacman are in for shits and giggles, I mean seriously. they are for Fanservice nothing else.

Download free cricket ringtones

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download free cricket ringtones



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