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I feel kind of bad about just kind of abandoning this comic the way I did, in the middle of the storyline. To be honest, this storyline is what caused me to abandon Too Far in the first place (I was really getting sick of this storyline). It's also what caused me to swear off storylines for Unwinder's Tall Comics. I'm not sure if Too Far is finished for good. I can't see myself drawing it again, but if the right bored artist came along, I might start it back up again. I will never revisit this storyline, though. If I were to revisit Too Far, it would probably be with a complete reboot.

I really enjoyed Too Far, and at its peak, I think a lot of it still holds up. Near the end there, though, it really, really wanted to be Unwinder's Tall Comics, and there were too many boring characters floating around that were little more than a character design and a name.

I think the worst thing I did for Too Far, aside from this storyline, was Too Far: Deep Space U, the boring, angsty spinoff about me not understanding girls. I've banished it from this archive, and moved it to its own separate site which you can view here, if you're so inclined. The strip starred my favorite Too Far character (Zooker) and magically turned him into my least favorite character by making him a complete self-insert of me at a time when I was a relatively crappy guy. It also introduced a new love interest for him, who was a stand in for several crushes I had in college (which is kind of hilarious, since I had plans to make a big deal out of Zooker's complete loyalty to her).

Anyway, I'm rambling now, but I'm kind of glad that this comic died to make way for Unwinder's Tall Comics, because Unwinder's Tall Comics is a lot better.

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