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Weird kid

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OK, this actually happened. This was Amy's weird brother. He's got "issues."

Posted by unwinder

Hey now, this off camera "friend" looks like he might be able to spice things up a bit!

I miss living in a political climate where you could get a rise out of people by bad-mouthing Obama.

Gravatar Posted by Felicity

Trust me, if I had known about how little you were going to respect my work, I would never have included you in my comic.

Posted by unwinder

You know, if you don't like my comments, you don't have to read them.

Gravatar Posted by BBQ

I'm so embarrassed that this was your first impression of me! You probably think I'm a complete oddball! I hope you don't still think of me this way.

Gravatar Posted by Felicity


Gravatar Posted by Felicity

(That was directed at Unwinder)

Gravatar Posted by Ashu

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